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ITunes Gift Card in Portugal for when?

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I'm just writing this to know when the iTunes Gift Card will be available in Portugal (Portuguese iTunes Store).
I want to start purchasing my things in the store, but with gift cards, not with credit cards.
I prefer to buy things personally, presidentially and with physical cash in store.
And I want to buy music, in majority.
Apple is complicating this task.
So as you may know or not know.
Theres a petition on-line out there, that I hope it is successful.
Let's see and wait for Apple's answers to the Portuguese costumers.
We all want the iTunes Gift Card in Portugal, such as many other features that are available on U.S. iTunes Store, it includes artists that aren't available in the Portuguese iTunes Store.
I hope that Apple can develop a better platform for Portuguese iTunes Store.
Thank you to everyone.
I hope the best for the Portuguese iTunes Store in the next times.
Have a nice day,
Ricardo Neves

The Best Answer

You can try to find someone in the U.S to give it or sell it to.
You cannot use it.