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ITunes downloads fast on old Mac mini but slow on brand new Macbook Pro on the same WiFi network?

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Hi all,
I have an old Mac mini that's from around 2008 and runs on Snow Leopard. I also have a brand new Macbook Pro with retina display that's running Mountain Lion. Both running iTunes 10.6.3.
I never noticed anything wrong with my MBP's connection speed until last night when I downloaded a free TV episode from iTunes. The download speed varied between 20KB/s and 40KB/s and it took me 7 to 8 hours to download a single episode. I checked my internet connection but there was nothing wrong with it, told me I had a download speed of 94MB/s and upload speed of 80MB/s, it was only iTunes that was unbearably slow.
Today I was browsing iTunes again and was planning to buy some movies, but again it took forever for the trailers to download. So I fired up my Mac mini just to see if it would be just as slow. Turned out my Mac mini could download the same trailers from iTunes at a much higher speed than my MBP (around 3MB/s on the ones I tested).
So what gives? They are on the same Wifi network provided by an Airport Extreme, and although my iPhone and iPad are also connected to it, no one else is doing any heavy duty downloading.
Thanks in advance!
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The Best Answer

It's possible the DNS setting your ISP is using are interfering. Although your PC works OK Macs can be sensitive to DNS settings. Here is a MacWorld DNS Troubleshooting article that explains the issue and below is how to fix it.
1. System preferences
2. Network
3. Click Advanced
4. Click DNS tab
5. Click + sign
6. Add
7. Click + sign
8. Add
9. Click OK.
10. Exit System Preferences
11. Try out your MBP and report what happened.