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ITunes can't find apps on iPod Touch and doesn't sync album artwork

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Ugh.  Here I go again.
I have an iPod Touch (4th gen), 2010 MacBook Pro, all the latest operating systems and updates. 
My iPod Touch crashed a bit and so I wanted to sync it again (using the USB cable, not wirelessly).
(1) Suddenly, there was no music on the iPod Touch.  I managed to get that fixed.
(2) After a couple of syncs, I was repeatedly getting the message that the iPod Touch apps "could not be synced because the apps could not be determined."  A couple of plugging and unpluggings allowed iTunes to "find" the apps, but this is weird.
(3) And now, what's bugging me -- and this happened a year or so ago -- very little of the album artwork synced over to the iPod Touch.  I have 600-800 albums.  All of the artwork is correct on iTunes.  About 10% of the artwork transferred over to the iPod Touch.  (Then I synced my iPad, and all the artwork is correct on the iPad.)
If I remember correctly from last year, eventually -- after many successive syncs -- the album artwork made its way correctly over to the iPod Touch, and maybe I'll hope for that this time.
Does anyone have a more direct solution?  Checking and unchecking some boxes on some syncs?  (It takes a good chunk of time to sync over my music, so I don't really have to time to delete and sync repeatedly just as shots in the dark.
Any ideas?  All thoughts welcome. Thank you!

The Best Answer

Taking off all the music and then putting it back on took care of the album art, but I'm still getting all kinds of funky behavior -- iTunes can't find the apps, then it can't find the iPod altogether, and it's adding duplicate songs somewhere.  It said it was going to load 3,232 songs, but I ended up with more than 3,400.  Weird.