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Itunes and Internet wont open because of a "netsh reset" code

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My Itunes store was having troubles opening before, and i couldnt figure anything out to make it work. i updated it, redownloaded it, and finally used a "Netsh reset" code in the command prompter. this resulted in Itunes not even opening, and neither did my internet. i've no idea how to fix it or what to do. help?

The Best Answer

Try removing QUicktime and installing the stand alone version. Also check for incompatible software.
Here is a method
Have you installed any of the following:
ACE & K-Lite mega codecs package, QT alternative, Storm codec, WinAVI video converter, Mpcstar, (possibly starcodec pack, 3ivx)
If so uninstall them.
Then download the version of Quickime without iTunes:
Now Remove Quicktime using the method for Quicktime in this article (just Quicktime):
When you come to your C:\Windows\system32\ folder you can delete any file or folder with Quicktime in the name.
Restart you computer
Install the stand alone Quicktime and check if it starts.
If it does you are in a position to find out if iTunes is OK.