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ITunes account for kids

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So my two kids have been using my Apple ID / account on their computers (iMacs x 2). I have purchased music for them with that account, plus movies, plus ripped some kids cds. I want to get them their own acounts so that I can un-authorize their two computers with my account and start letting them use their own. I would set them up with my cc, and let them also use their Apple/iTunes gift cards.
The question I have is can the kid's music authorized on my ID be transferred to their new acounts? If t eh music, games, apps, etc are on their iPods, can I transfer ii that way or will they not be able to play it when I deauthorize my account on their iMacs?

The Best Answer

Any data purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store that includes DRM protection cannot be transferred to another iTunes account. This includes 3rd party apps. All apps - all paid and free apps include DRM protection which is tied to the iTunes account that was used to download the apps.