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ITunes 7.3.2 and security 1.0 updates cause Airport

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Updated to iTunes 7.3.2 and installed security fix 1.0 Rebooted fine, but now my Appletv no longer appears in iTunes and neither does airport express network. Base station can not be detected in the Airport admin utility.
Everything was working fine before the update. The AppleTV is an Airport issue I guess.
Anyone have any ideas on whether its the security fix or itunes update thats causing this? Have tried reinstalling iTunes 7.3.1 but no change.
Thanks for reading
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The Best Answer

No, I hadn't tried creating a new user identity, but I just gave it a try. No luck. In fact, no calendar items at all would sync from that user identity (neither ones that I create nor ones--such as holidays--that Outlook adds itself). Furthermore, sync finishes very quickly, even if I import all of my "real" account's calendar items into the test account.
So, I assume something else is wrong relative to the test account, but I can't find it. I don't see any interesting events in the system or application log. The "iTunes Outlook add-in" is active within Outlook. (By the way, as of iTunes, after I removed and reinstalled Apple Mobile Device support, the other addin, "Outlook iTunes sync add-in," appears to be gone. Indeed, the OutlookSyncClient.dll file that used to be in c:\program files\common files\... is now an executable, so the deployment architecture has changed a bit.)
I ended up with an empty iPhone calendar using the new test account. When I switched back to my real account, reset the sync history and replaced all calendar items, the iPhone calendar was restored to its usual incomplete state.