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Issue with video playback in Flash Player

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I am currently doing some voluntary work for my mom for the local branch of the Alzheimer Foundation. Now I have encoded a video to mpeg4/h.264 and F4V using the Adobe Media Encoder only I am having not much luck to get it successfully played. Now is my question what could I be doing wrong? I already tried to use ActionScript 2 and 3 and disabled GZIP compression on the server and even tried different files like H.264 and F4V.
The strange thing is that the video always work just fine when being tested in Flash CS4 10.2 but when I tried it in the browser it fails. The Test Movie feature of Flash is using the following player version MAC 10,0,12,36. I am using 10,0,32,14 MAC in my Safari browser and their the movie plays fine once the file is fully downloaded (how can I change this?) only when let friends try it out which have version 10,0,32,18 or the same version it doesn't work for them. Also when I am using an older version doesn't seem to work. I thought that H.264 support was added in some version of Flash Player 9. One of the issues which I was getting that the video playback worked lovely in Test Movie with the below listed alzheimer.mp4 url but when testing after the SWF and HTML were uploaded to the webserver it failed to work and I was receiving a FileStructureInvalid error. Now I would expect that the video file would fail in Test Movie too when the video file structure is invalid.
I have tried the following video files both encoded with Adobe Media Encoder:
The current player can be found at:
I have attached my As3 version of the Flash file which is normal easy video stuff.
Anyone happen to know what could be the issue here? I am getting desperate!

The Best Answer

Yes, I have just used the normal Video-object together with the normal trick to load Flash Video files with it. Nothing special only with a full URL for the play()-method. I have attached the source code for your convenience. The original files are edited in Premiere Pro CS4 and are based on one original ripped DVD vob file and a newly created Quicktime-based slideshow animation which has then be edited into one using Premiere.
After that I  have selected the sequence of the Premiere project which I have exported using File > Export which is using Adobe Media Encoder. For the encoding I haved used the Export Settings: "Format FLV | F4V", Codec On2 VP6 and then altered the video size and bitrate so that the file size gets smaller this is for the Alzheimer08.f4v file. The other file used the H.265 Web Medium profile with also the video size and bitrate modified after it got encoded and uploaded to my webserver.
The original files used by the Premiere Pro project are:
Type: DV Stream
File Size: 2.6 GB
Image Size: 720x576
Average Data Rate: 3.4 MB/Second
Compressor: DV - PAL
Quality: Normal (3.00)
Type: QuickTime Movie
File Size: 3.2 GB
Image Size: 720 x 576
Average Data Rate: 3.4 MB/Second
Compressor: DV - PAL
Quality: Most (5.000)
Above information is obtained in Premiere Pro by selected Properties-option of the submenu when selecting the file.
Hopefully you can use this information but I could upload the original Premiere Pro project over the next few days. If you would be interested in it.
FLA file: