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Issue with Internet Explorer on Lumia 920 Windows ...

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
The built-in Internet Explorer browser can't handle drop-down menus. On touch, the options are shown, the menu rolls out, but when lifting finger, it rolls back instantly so you can't make a choice. If trying to move finger to the sub-menu, the entire screen moves with the menu title fixed under your fingers, as when shifting a web page sideways. So the sub menu again can't be accessed. If using two fingers, the browser doesn't respond when selecting the sub menu. If pressing too long (>1 second) you're asked to share the link on e.g. Twitter... There seems to be no way of accessing the sub menu. So now I'm eternally logged on to LinkedIn since the logout is in an inaccessible drop down menu. Any way to solve this issue? When will this Internet. Explorer error be fixed? It's been there for months now.(May 2013)

The Best Answer

I have the same issue on my lumia 920, love the phone but this is such a nightmare and pretty bad, considering the competition like i phone and Motorola g have no problems like this, plus its pretty embarrassing, i need this access for work, if there is no fix i may have to switch to another brand