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Issue in creation of load file.

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I am trying to create a simple load rule file using Parent Child method in Sample.Basic.
I am doing it for Product dimension.
I loaded the file but whenever i go into "+Dimension Build Settings -> Dimension Build Settings+" and set the below values:
Dimension : Product
Build method : Use parent/child references
the below parameter automatically changes.
Dimension : Year.
Rest of the values are saved as i set them, including the field properties. Any idea why the it changes to "Year".
When i click on "Validate" it throws the error/warning:
"+There is an unknown member (or no member) in the field name+"
Any help is highly appreciated and let me know if you need any other details from my end.

The Best Answer

While Creating a dimension using Rule files check these steps:
1. Select the Dimension build icon
2. Go to Option---> Dimension build settings--> Dimension definition tab--> Select Rule file Radio button-->Type your dimension name { Ex: Product }--> Press Enter--> ok
3. Go to Option--> Data Source Properties --> Header tab --> Select the no. of lines to Skip
4. File ---> open file --->
5. Select the Field 1 --> Go to option --> Dimension Settings --> Select your Dimension first --> Then select your Build Method(Generation/ Parent & Child / Level reference) [If you select Generation reference then Give the generation number how it should create in the outline/ If Parent and child the Generation to all members should be "0"/ If level reference then base on the level to be built in the outline give the numbering]
6. Continue step 5 for all feilds.
7. Associate and validate the outline.
8. Save the Rule file --> Close the rule file editor
9. Go to Outline in the menu bar --> Update outline --> select your source file and select your rule file --> Clik on OK