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Is there an easy way to create or import tables into muse

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I'm trying to create a website that used tables for things like league tables and results, but I need an easy way of placing them into muse.
I've had a go at creating tables in dreamweaver and importing the resulting html and i've created tables in Indesign and imported them as jpegs, but this obviously then does not allow me to edit on the fly.
Can anybody help.

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DAndrews1969 wrote:
well I've since found out that CS5.5 exports pages from indesign to html, but the link I was reading about CS6 was as follows:
I tried exporting a table from 5.5 but it doesn't seem to recognise the specific column spaces I have set up, hopefully 6 will have improved on this.
We hope so. From my experience with indesign cs5.5. The export to HTML feature does not maintain the layout of an indesign document. You will require a developer with knowledge of HTML to style accordingingly in DW. I don't think this is an intended workflow by Adobe. Until then I dont think Muse or Indesign will export to HTML while maintaining the integrity of the layout design including adaptive fluid layout support. The closest the Adobe team have been able to do is to export to epub format.
My observation, Adobe should have given print designers option of exporting indesign files to Muse(With support for fluid/adaptive layout just as the export to epub format is supported). That way the fear of killing another tool in the Adobe bouquet won't arise. Something like 'Export to Muse' in Indesign cs6 would have been the killer. Why? Web design trend is converging with print design metaphor. I think Adobe should be leading that trend now. Tomorrow might be too crowded.