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Is there a way to extract a sequence from an FCP7 project that crashes on opening?

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I ingeniously used a Reference Quicktime to edit with in an old project, and now that that RefQT no longer works (the files it references are old, were moved/removed), the project stalls FCP7 with the rainbow pinwheel after the reconnection dialog is dismissed in any way.
My question - can I somehow get the sequence within this project out of the project and into a project that might open? Just for ***** and giggles, I tried to import the project as an EDL and it gave me a sequence, but it was blank and had an odd name.
Is there any hope? Have I just boned myself by using that RefQT in the first place? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Just to clarify, if you attempt to launch the project that contains the corrupted sequence,  the application crashes regardless if your dismiss the Offline Files prompt by clicking either the Reconnect button or the Continue Button?
Yep. Tried Reconnecting and Dismissing both (even reconnecting to a different non-reference QT), but once it's all over, same result -- rainbow pinwheel.
If you click Continue, and the get the pinwheel, if you go to the Apple menu > Force Quit does it say "Final Cut Pro - Not Responding"?
Yep. I also tried letting it run for 5-10 minutes just to see if it would figure itself out, but to no avail.

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