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Is it possible to sort by multiple fields?

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Is it possible to sort the music library by multiple fields in a prioritised order? For example, I would like to sort by the following columns, in the following order:
Album Artist
Track Number
for some reason I can't seem to do this, sorting by Album artist alone is not working for me, as some CD's I've imported have featured artists and this breaksup the listing order.

The Best Answer

Thanks Thomas
Unfortunately, this solution did not work for me, cover flow still shows multiple instances of the same artwork for various groups of tracks from the same album.
The thing I don't understand is why sorting by the "sort album artist" field does not group all the tracks from an album together.
My specific example (I still can't get a screenshot posted):
I have two Gwen Stefani albums, both ripped from CD (not imported from the itunes store). both albums have a majority of track where Gwen is the only artist and two or three track with featured artists. I have filled the "album artist" and "sort album artist" tags to all read Gwen Stefani, however, if I sort by either of these columns (in cover flow mode), what I get is this:
all the tracks from one ablum where Gwen Stefani is the artist
then all the tracks from the other album where Gwen Stefani is the artist
then (in alphabetical order by featured artist) the remaining tracks from both albums - ie, the albums are mixed up
for each group of track I see an cover flow art work.
I should say that I have turned off the compilation tag on all of my albums because this ends up saving the file in a compilation folder, not in the artist folder on my hard drive - but it doesn't make a difference either way to the way I see the files sorted in itunes.
It's really frustrating!