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Is it possible to restore previous podcast ID on iTunes?

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Still struggling with iTunes support attitude, and need your expertise on this.
After my featured (for 4 years) podcast was gone from iTunes, I was able to re-submit it by myself.
But the ID has changed from 119843495 to a new ID 363039639, and even though I'm not a novice podcaster and have a well established audience, now my podcast appears as a brand new podcast without any ratings whatsoever.
I know that I've been working hard on building my reputation and received over a 100 reviews, but it seems they stay with the previous ID that I had. (I can still find the reviews when I google: eNumber=0&type=Podcast&id=119843495&userReviewId=1327760 )
My question is, to what extend is it possible to count on iTunes Support, will they be able to help me either reanimate my podcast with previous ID or transfer the ratings onto the re-submitted podcast with a new ID?
They seem to ignore my emails. What can you advise?
Thank You!
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The Best Answer

When you resubmitted the automated Store system would have seen it as a new podcast; I don't know whether you have any chance of getting the Store staff to intervene manually. other posters' experience suggests that for the most part requests to Support simply get form answers which often don't address the problem.
The way to contact iTunes Support is: - and click on 'Other iTunes Store Features' in the list and then on 'Podcasts'. Is this what you have been doing?
I agree that the whole thing is completely unsatisfactory, that when you have established a podcast, got it featured, and collected a number of good reviews, that it should be removed without any reason being given. I can't offer you any suggestions except to have another go at the contact point I give above; some people have managed to get issues resolved, so you might get somewhere, but I've no way of knowing what your chances are.