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Is it better to use Invoke nodes or property nodes to set/get control values?

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have a series of VI's that run in parallel, each to manage different functions- pumping, sensing, a fluid flow model, an experiment generator/runner.
These need to exchange data, which I am currently doing using invoke nodes (that are all in subVIs), using methods "Set control value" and "Get control value". I find that every now and then (perhaps 1% of the time) the data isn't exchanged correctly and therefore the system doesn't work. I can imagine how "set" could go wrong if they happen simultaneously, and can devise ways of preventing this. However, the "Get" method suffers from the same problem. This is a major problem, because I want to leave it running for several hours.
I could in
principle achieve the same thing using property nodes and find myself wondering if this might be more reliable. But I don't want to change over only to find it makes no difference!
Can anyone advise?

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You can use some kind of syncronization such as queues, occurances, or notifiers but I think the easiest way would be to create and action engine. This was only one action can execute at a time avoiding a "race condition". Possibly a write action and a read action might help. You also can add queues or notifiers into this concept. hope this helps.
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