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Ipod nano 1st generation with SW1.3.1  doesn´t work properly

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as a positive thinking person I followed the recomendations in iTunes 7.5.. and downloaded SW 1.3.1 on my 1st generation nano. The consequnce was that this dammed thing now frequently stops playing(every few minutes max. 15 min). It either jumps back to the main menue and I have to start the song again or it freezes and I have to boot ( middle + menue key) or it reboots by itself.
Have gone through all the 5Rs and the online service, tried to send a message to service, but this was not available and the message was gone. I do not find an older SW version. After hours I am really pi...
Had functional problems during warranty period. Sent it in with new SW it worked properly until last weekend......
Can anyone help. Has anyone made similar experience?

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Hello Forum Users et al,
I know this Updated Post follows shortly after my previous post, but I have a useful piece of info. that others may wish to check on.
I have been using a video: as my test case for which the video comes on and then proceeds to not work.  If I click on the "arrow" in the bottom left corner of the video, the video screen goes "black" and nothing happens immediately.  But, here is the important information.  If I wait, then the video reappears, but sounds alternately starts and stops.
What I did for the last several hours was to minimize the email containing the video, and I noticed that the sound alternately came on and off.  But, after over two hours, the video started to play normally (total time for video is about 4 mins.)  When it gets to the end, the original "start arrow" appears.  I have repeatedly played this video after the two-hour period of erratic play, and it played normally.
This event happened one time over a week ago when I was on "Live Chat" with Adobe FP.  I was reporting my problem with FP with Mang Son while I had the video minimized, and, embarrassingly, the video started to work normally!  What could I say?!  I told him essentially that it looked like it was working, and I closed it out.  However, after this, I closed the email containing the video and tried to open the video from scratch, again.  Once again, it started to play erratically, even though it mysteriously was playing normally while I was on "Live Chat".
Users may want to use the video that I cited and see what happens.  It is still a mystery why the video won't work for hours and then all of a sudden start working.  I also had similar trouble with YouTube videos.
Best regards,