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IPod Classic not Syncing with iTunes on Windows 8

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have reccently bought a new laptop which has Windows 8 64Bit pre-installed.  I had my music library backed up (consisting of ripped CDs etc and nothing purchased from iTunes) and thought it would be a straight forward process of syncing this to my iPod.  I am aware that this process would wipe the music off the iPod and replace it with the music on the laptop which I had no issues with.
Despite my best efforts I have not been able to get my iPod Classic 160Gb to sync with iTunes.  When I plug the iPod in, it is recognised in iTunes and th iPod briefly displays a messge saying it is syncing.  After about 10 seconds this message disappears.
iTunes (version gives me the option to restore the iPod which I have done.  It goes through what seems to be a very short restore session where I am not given the option to name the iPod etc before the iPod giving the brief "synching" message and then telling me that I need to eject the iPod before disconnecting.
The only way I have managed to get some music onto the iPod is by clickong on "Music" (under the iPod button) and then selecting "Autofill".  Whilst this works in putting all of my music onto the iPod, if I delete a song from my library this change is not mirrored on the iPod.  I also now have no option to sync my pictures with the iPod.
I have tried using compatability mode to start iTunes in Windows 7 mode but I still have the same problems.
Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?
Many thanks

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how did you fix it?