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IPhoto Stops responding when assembling new book

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I've been trying to buy a book on iPhoto but it keeps freezing out every time. This is a 50 page photo book, and after I click on the "Buy Book" button, the "Assembling Book" process starts, but after no more than 7 pages out of 50 of "Assembling", iPhoto simply freezes and stops functioning, I've had to Force Quit iPhoto every time because it simply doesn't work further than the 7th page. I've restarted my computer a couple of times, I've tried connecting through WiFi and wired connection and still, my book will simply not go through. Is there a problem on Apple's side, is it something on my book or my computer ? Thanks for the comments and help.

The Best Answer

is iPhoto up to date (version 8.1.2 I believe)?
is there a map in the book?
have you previewed the book? - Before ordering your book preview it using this method - - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered book will match it.