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IPhoto old version download

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Hi, I have installed OSX 10.9 and the system is very buggy so i chose to go back to OSX 10.7 witch is the best for my imac, but now i can't install iPhoto from app store anymore, it say i need osx 10.9 or later, where can i download old versions compatible with OSX Lion 10.7.5 ?

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Hi Larry,
I purchase iPhoto and iMovie from APPSOTRE on OSX 10.7 ,i do not have a disk, as i sad before, after upgrading to OSX 10.9, i have updated to new version of iphoto and install it on OSX 10.9
The system crash 2 times and i had lost everything, so i return to OSX 10.7.5 witch is very solid for my system
The problem is whein i try to install from APPSTORE iphoto it only allow me to install the version compatible with OSX 10.9 or later, i want the old version witch i purchased originaly.