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IPhoto 11...Thumbnails show, but pictures gone??

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Recently I went under iPhoto to find a picture I needed from an event that happened last year.  When I went under iPhoto, all my thumbnails/events show just fine, but when I double click one of the pictures in the events and it shows in the large window a black triangle with an exclamation point in the middle.  This has happened with virtually all my photos.  I've tried holding down command + option and ran through each option listed there, to no avail...any other ways to recover my photos?
I'm on OS X 10.7.3 and iPhoto version 9.2.2.
Any help greatly appreciated!!

The Best Answer

The ! turns up when iPhoto loses the connection between the thumbnail in the iPhoto Window and the file it represents.
Option 1
Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup.
If that fails:
Option 2
Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one. .
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