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Iphoto '11 cannot find photo library

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
when I open iPhoto '11 on Mountain Lion it cannot fid the photo libraries it was used to create.  they are in the Pictures Directory but it does seem to recognize that they are there.  This causes problems when I go to syn in itunes and tell it to use iphoto library for pics to sync...

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got the latest version of OSX (Mountain Lion 10.8), iTunes & iPhoto....even tried to create new iPhoto libraries and when I select iPhoto as the location of my pics for the comes back with update or create an iPhoto library and I have already done that several different times.   the interesting thing is if I move any of the iPhoto Libraries I have created to my MBP then syncing works with iTunes, just won't work on my Mac Mini with OSX almost seems like a permissions problem but I can't find it....