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IPhone 6 Plus Camera - Smudged Photos - A visit to Genius Bar

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I have been using iPhone 6 Plus for more than 2 months. All through the phone is great for reading and battery life. Now the major problem I have been facing is the still photos taken with little bit of zoom are also getting smudged. The results are so bad they are a downgrade from iPhone 5. It is disheartening to see such poor quality software or image processing on such a hyped Camera Hardware. Coming to the point of solution I have visited the Genius Bar at Hillsdale Shopping Center San Mateo on 01/14/15. Following are the lame diagnosis steps they have done,
They did general diagnostic test - It has failed for too many App crashes - Genius Bar Associate said it is common, please reboot the phone regularly. What a solution!!!
Coming to camera they don't have any scientific way of finding the issues. So no proper diagnostic process.
They Took some pictures of Apple store with Zoom and without zoom. And showed me there are no smudge marks. What a great way of diagnosis!!!
Then I have mentioned them that it needs to take closeup of people. So now they started taking pictures of me with zoom and without zoom. After this they saw the smudges.
I have told them to compare with iPhone5. They took pictures of me with iPhone 5 and found the quality is much better than iPhone 6 Plus. Their explanation is f-stop and depth is different. What an innovative excuse for better picture quality on older version phone. I am seeing great bluffing activity started now.
Now the final comparison. They said they will compare with exact another iPhone 6 Plus and see if there are any issue with my phone. I said OK. Now they took pictures of me with a new identical iPhone 6 plus with zoom and without zoom. Great rope act now...they saw the exact smudges on photos on using the identical iPhone 6 Plus. Their explanation on next step.
Since both the phones are producing smudges they derived the conclusion that my phone has no issue. And they said that the issue is resolved. My answer to them is  "ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED. IN FACT IT IS PROVED AND YOU BETTER ESCALATE IT AND SOLVE IT'
What a great experience at Genius Bar. If they have served beer or hard liquor instead of this BS I would have been a happy customer.

The Best Answer

I never asked for any replacement....I wanted a solution for bad picture. If it is proved that all phones are producing same smudges they better think a common solution for all. Case is not closed, in fact it remains open as long as they doesn't answer it.
See the attached pictures how bad it is in low editing done on these pictures.
No Zoom
Little Zoom
More Zoom..look how bad it gets...