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IPad iOS 8.1 Mail constant network use draining battery

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Since updating to iOS 8.1, iPad Mail is rapidly draining my battery. When I go into Mail the network usage indicator (spinning wheel) runs constantly. I left it this way by mistake while traveling and it drained the whole battery with minimal actual usage in one day -- I usually only have to recharge every 2-3 days.
I have checked the battery usage indicator in Settings and it shows that in the last 24 hours Mail used 54% of the battery. I had changed no settings, but went into Mail & Calendar settings and double-checked them, and they were as they had always been. I have three email accounts: Gmail, Verizon, and a company account on an Exchange server. It's the only one that was set to Push, but now I've set it to Fetch like the others and it still continuously accesses the network when I'm in Mail.
This must be a bug of some kind introduced by a recent OS or app update, right? This never happened before, and nothing else has changed in my usage of the iPad or Mail.
One other issue: Mail is not actually fetching new mail when it should. I see new mail show up on Mac Mail hours before it appears on the iPad. Normally email would arrive almost simultaneously on my iPhone and iPad, then a moment later on the Mac. Now the phone is still first, but the iPad lags. The only way I can get the iPad to refresh in real time is to close the app and restart it.
Is anyone else seeing this behavior with the recent update? Any idea how to fix it?

The Best Answer

Found a solution at: tore-method
Short version, remove your Exchange account, shut down phone, restart, add the Exchange account back. Problem solved.