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Internet Streams in Playlists do not show up on Apple TV

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I use the following setup:
- Apple TV MD199LL/A (Software 6.0.1) just updated to the latest
- iTunes 11.1.3 for Windows (from a Windows 7 x64)
- iTunes 11.1.3 for MAC (from a Apple MacBook Pro x64, Maverix)
Homesharing is turned on both computers
From both machines I share pictures, videos and music.
All photos, videos and music files are getting displayed  on the Apple TV menu, and can be played.
All iTunes playlists from both machines are  getting displazed on the Apple TV
If a internet stream is added to a playlist, this entry does not show on the Apple TV menu.
If the playlist contains only internet streams the Apple TV menu says "There are no songs in this library"
If I hit the play key on my remote, it  will randomly play the first stream in the playlist (not realy reproducable pattern)
I can play those streams in iTunes and send it via AirPlay without problems,
Can anyone help me with this and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Thank you

The Best Answer

You can only view that rental on the iPad. For it to show up it has to be rented directly on ATV or through a computer and streamed via home sharing