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Internet Security Settings in Windows 7

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I am running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. I am trying to find a listing of the recommended settings for the Security section under Internet Properties. I have found several listings for the Advanced section, but not Security.
Can anyone guide me to a listing like this or a website that gives specific details about what each setting does or controls so that I can adjust my system correctly. I find that using the Windows 7 factory settings slows the system down somewhat.
Thank you

The Best Answer

It sounds like you want to disable ActiveX content (flash) or you have an errant COM browser Addon.
or you have a long list of domains in your Trusted Sites zone.
Changing the default IE security zone settings is not recommended.
Legacy anti-spyware like Spybot S&d or the MVP hosts lists are no longer required and long Trusted Sites lists are known to slow performance.
SmartScreen Filter or your AV product include listings of known 'bad' domains.
You can find the latest listing here -
tools>activeX filtering to toggle site ActiveX filtering.
Internet Options>Advanced tab, uncheck "Enable third-party browser extensions" (Close and restart IE for the full changes to take affect) to disable COM Toolbars and BHO's.
Check for updates to your AV program and run a scan to identify any malware that you may have installed.
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