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Internet Images Pixelated

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Recently I have noticed that when I open Firefox or Safari the images that upload/download are under severe compression and appear severely pixelated. For instance, when I open a compressed JPG on my Macbook Pro the image appears rather clear and unpixelated but when I upload that image to a site and then view it through Firefox and Safari it appears *very pixelated*.
It also occurs with images that are not mine and I am simply viewing on a site. This was not happening before!!
I cleared my browsers cache to see if that was a problem and so far, it has not fixed it.
Anybody got any ideas as to what I can do to revert it back to the way it was?

The Best Answer

Yes, I see the big ugly squares. They are what appears whenever extremely heavy JPEG compression is applied to a low-resolution image tht has relatively large areas of similar colors. Something somewhere is applying such compression to the pages, or portions of them, that you are viewing in your browser(s). Your MBP is not doing that: it can't. Either the page images (or parts of them) are being compressed by the website owners or, if every web page is affected, they are being compressed by your ISP in the process of being transmitted to you, as Gordito suggests. That would greatly increase the speed of page loading, but at the expense of image quality. You wouldn't see the image degradation on an iPhone or cell phone — the screen is too small — but on the MBP's high-resolution display it would be much more apparent, IF the MBP were receiving the signal in the same highly compressed form as the phone. If the MBP receives the same web pages through an ISP that doesn't over-compress them, they'll look the way they ought to look. So if you are receiving these web pages through a cellular ISP rather than through a broadband connection, take the MBP to a wifi hotspot and connect through wifi instead. I bet things will look different then.
Compressing images is something a web browser can't do: a browser just displays the signal that comes to it.