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Intel duo Core and CS2 - does it work?

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Hi guys,
I'm doing really well. I ordered a 17" imac 1.82Ghz Intel Duo Core and I have not as yet received it.
I have alos ordered Aperture (which will work but possibly quite slow) although I have upgraded to 2Gb Ram.
I have also ordered Photoshop CS2 (full version) and I'm confused. Can I install it? Will it work?
If Aperture is slow and Photoshop CS2 doesn't work what can a amateur photographer use. I'm cheesed off because I ordered an expensive machine and software and before I have even received it I'm seeing that it might not be suitable at all.
Can someone give me some "peace of mind" please.
17" IMAC (1.83Ghz) Intel duo Core / 2GB Ram   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

The Best Answer

Although you can use CS2 with an Intel Mac you should be aware of a significant problem which relates to its installation on them since the last Security update. According to Frank, one of the more senior members of the boards , with a good knowledge of this area:
The CS2 installer will fail if you have applied SU 2006-003 prior to the installation of CS2 on an Intel-based Mac. You will be required to reinstall Tiger, otherwise you will be only able to reboot the machine via a Netboot, CD boot or Safeboot. The Finder is completely locked. It is unknown at this time which extension is causing the issue. Adobe has acknowledged the problem.
One workaround that I am aware of has been suggested on MacFixit:
MacFixIt reader David Warren writes:
"I had the startup freeze like others. For my MacBook Pro the answer was removing the Adobe VersionCueCS2 from /Library/StartupItems.""(from MacFixit - )
To do this, though, you would need to be happy starting up in the non-standard ways suggested by Frank. I wouldn't normally suggest this for a new Mac user. If you plan on going down this path post back and we can tell you how to.
I guess the real answer is that you will need to know whether the security update has already been installed on your new computer. If it has, then you should wait until Adobe have a fix for the problem before you install Photoshop.
If it hasn't, install Photoshop BEFORE you upgrade with the Security Update, and don't re-install it thereafter until the Adobe fix arrives. You should also remove the relevant startup file, just to be on the safe side.
So whoever warned you about installing it was doing you a favour, and a "simple google search", might have got you into quite a lot of strife!