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Integrating SAP with Sharepoint 2010

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Hello All,
I need some information regarding integrating SAP R/3 with Sharepoint 2010. I am aware of BCS solutions to connect SAP BSP/WebDynpro/Portal enabled processes to Sharepoint. However, I would like to whether we can call an SAP Transaction directly from Sharepoint without developing BSP pages or WebDynpro?
Can we achieve something on Sharepoint 2010 like ITS does on SAP Portal? If yes, how to do that?

The Best Answer

Hi Anil,
with Duet Enterprise you can bring RFC or WebServices that are available in your backend system into SharePoint 2010. So if your transaction consits of several RFCs that are called in the background -- you can do that. Depending on the transaction you might also have to develop the value help functionalities and stuff like that.
You can checkout the videos on the [Duet Enterprise Summit|] site where some customers talk about what they have developed during the ramp-up..
However, if you want to bring ITS / SharePoint Web-SAP-GUI functionality into SharePoint this will be pretty complicated...