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Installing Software for Groups of User Accounts

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
What is the best way to install software such as Photoshop plug-ins so you only have to enter the serial number once but allow that apply to all users in a group?
I created 3 accounts - 2 admin, 1 standard - and would like to be able to install software for all of them at one time.
Thanks for any feedback.

The Best Answer

Yeah, and that design of OSX has been around a decade now. It is just plain selfishness on the part of the developers to make it as hard as possible for multiple users on one computer to use software. I guess they think it helps prevent piracy, but it only seems to alienate customers and promote their own selfishness. Last time I checked I thought people are given licenses based on one computer at a time. 500 people cannot use one computer at a time, so why does it matter if other users have access to the same software. The point is it is all so pointless.