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Install order for GC

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I read install notes for GC and I am confused. Did I understand this order correctly (I have an existing DB on AIX 5.3, but no GC-repo ):
- numbering as of release note:
2.1 install GC into new DB
2.2 aplly patch 4329444
2.3 Install Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 3
2.4 skipped, I don't have a repository so far in my original DB and don't need to upgrade the new created Repository.
3. upgrade GC 10.2.0.X.0 to
3.3 = 2.3 do I have to install it again ?
4. what is the differrence to step 3. ? Looks like I don't need that ?
When do I install the repository into my original DB ? after all the steps as above ?
I guess, after all I can drop the instance created in step 2.1 ?
thanks for sorting out the correct order, LaoDe

The Best Answer

Into new Database means your GC repository will be installed into a new Oracle database that will be created alongside the install. So you will have a second instance different from your existing instance. With this option, you do not have to create a database. The installation will do it with the parameters you give it(e.g name)
Into existing Database means you specify that GC repository is installed into your instance without creating a new database. In this case you must have created a database to give the installer as a parameter during install.
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