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Ink cartridge 564xl not working on Photosmart 6510 B211a

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When i check the HP Printer assistant for which ink cartridges to buy it says 564, and on the printer it says 364. So as I only saw the information in the program, i bought a bunch of 564xl cartridges that dont seem to be recognised by my printer! As SOON as I poot it in the printer it says: Incompatible Print cartridge(s). I've tried resetting the printer, switching it off completely with or without the cartridges, aligning the printer, cleaned the printer head (through the printer options). When the new 564 cartridges are inside the printer I can't do anything, there is no way to get past the warning! When I insert my depleted 364xl cartridges in, the printer works fine. I've looked for updates and even for firmware updates and have found nothing. 
Firmware version: ESP1CN1244AR
Software version: 028.000.1315.000
Printer driver version:
Although it shouldn't matter, I'll mention that I am using Windows 7 (64x)
Please help, I just wasted a bunch of money on these cartridges!!!

The Best Answer

What country are you in?  What country was the printer purchased in?  The cartridges for your printer are regionalized, there are four different regions worldwide.  If your printer was purchased in one region and you moved to a new region you will need to  Contact HP to request a "Regionalization Reset". There should not be any charge for this, it is covered as part of the cartridge warranty. You will need to have access to your computer and printer while on the line with HP. You will also need to have a set of cartridges for the new region, once the reset is complete cartridges from the original region will no longer work.  HP's web page on the subject is here.
Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
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