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In SXMB_MONI getting Error as "Party and service not defined "

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hi All,
I am trying to send Purchase order IDOC from ECC-->PI-->ARIBA Network.
The message has failed in PI  saying "Party and Service not Defined"
In Trace it says "There is no Interface Determination configured for receiver party 0000100007 and receiver service"
I have created ECC(Sender ) and ARIBA NETWORK (Receiver ) as Business System and Partner type as 'LI'
Please help me .

The Best Answer

Hi Akhila
If the outbound IDoc from ECC uses a partner type other than LS, then you need a corresponding Party for it.
In the party object, you need to set the Identifier accordingly. For your case, it would be something like:-
Agency: The BS name of your sender ECC system
Scheme: ALE#LI or ALE#LI#<Role> (If there is a Partner Role set in the Partner Profile)
Name: 0000100007
When you create your ICO, you need to check "Sender Uses Virtual Receiver" and enter the Party object above.
Eng Swee