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In Desperate need for help with Security Settings

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am currrently working on a project that requires a Flash
submenu running through an HTML Browser window and running from a
CD. The problem is that the final destination for these CDs will be
on computers without the capability to connect to the internet. So,
when the user gets the popup requiring them to change the security
setting in order to use the flash element, which is through the
internet (the dumbest way of doing this) they have no choice but to
decline the popup and therfore cannot use the flash submenu.
Is there a way to automatically be trusted whitiout the use
of the internet "security settings" window???????? If anyone from
Adobe/Macromedia read this please be advise that this should really
change to be computer based and not requiring an internet
If this is esay enough to change, I regret everything that I
am thinking of about Adobe/Macromedia at the time I writing this.
and please acceot my apologies.
If not, well.....
Thanks for anyones help.

The Best Answer

When Exporting, you get the option of setting the Local
Playback security (very bottom of the Export dialogue box). Have
you checked to make sure you have yours set to "Access local files
What is the submeu trying to access that would cause the
sandbox warning?