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Imported Screen Shots are Blurry

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Hello FCP users,
I am challenged and need some guidance. The projects that I create a little mini-movies/demos made up of mostly imported screen shots and some still photos -- never any video. My challenge is that I have a very clean screen shot to work with -- if I bring them up in Preview, Photoshop, etc. they look great. The second I import them into FCP they are blurry, degraded and next to unreadable. I seems like I've tried everything, but nothing seems to make a difference.
I am not the one taking the screen shots -- they are provided from a different source each time. Each person most likely uses a different product to grab those screen shots, but my guess is that they are probably using snag-it or a similar product. I usually ask them to provide the "best" quality they can. That can mean a ton of different sized screen shots come my way. The ones I'm working with now range in size -- 1,116x760, 1,284x1000, 1,026x813, 1,023x830 to name a few.
I have been on the boards and did try one recommendation that I saw to reduce the size of the image to the same frame size that you are working with (in my case 720x480). Of course, when I do this there is degradation before I even bring it into FCP.
So, I'm wondering, should I be asking people to create their screen shots at 720x480? I've been playing around in Parallels with Snag-it to see what options are available -- I don't see that they can choose to produce the screen shots at a certain size -- they can reduce them after they take it, but there's that degradation again. Maybe there is some recommended product that I can suggest? Everyone I work with to supply the screen shots would be a pc user.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I do these often, and my screen quality always looks poor. I'd like to come up with a solution and I'm sure a big part of that is instructing those who supply the screen shots to take them a certain way...perhaps with a certain product...only I don't know what that is.
Best practices anyone?
My settings are:
Frame Size: 720x480
Aspect Ratio: NTSC DV (3:2)
Pixel Aspect Ratio: NTSC - CCIR 601 / DV (720x480)
Compressor: DV/DVCPRO - NTSC
Thanks for your insights.

The Best Answer

Pan & Scan: in this context, I was referring to the idea of panning across a screen shot instead of reducing it to the size of the video frame. In other words, the original is (e.g.) 2x the width or height and then, as you explain / narrate, it moves across the screen. This preserves the "local" resolution of the original, but doesn't give the viewer a single view of the whole screen. It can be used in conjunction with the "whole view" as a kind of CU shot.
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