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Imported PDFs look blurry

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Hi All,
I'm using Keynote 09 and when importing PDFs images they all look blurry, but the text and lines in the figure look OK. One way to avoid this problem is to convert the figures to PNGs... but then that does not solve the issue and it involves more steps. Any ideas on how to solve this?

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That's what it is. Everything else that's generated is a vector except for the grayscale bar and the grayscale pixelated image. Unfortunately, OSX's default way of dealing with images to make them look better is to smooth them. To see what it would look like unsmoothed, open in Preview, go into the Preferences under the PDF tab and de-select "Smooth text and line art". From your description, if there was a way to smooth only the vector and leave the rest unsmoothed, that'd be perfect, but I don't know if that's an option.
Is there anyway they could generate a higher resolution image for you (double 489 x 460)? The higher the resolution of that image, the less OSX would blur it.

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