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Import stops with 'Transport set created, exported, and submitted...'

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm using Oracle Portal 10.1.4, and I've successfully imported page groups into this portal before, but now when I try to do an import, I only see the following message in the 'Browse Transport Sets' page:
Import: Transport set created, exported, and submitted to background process for import.
This is true for new page groups and for page groups that should be replaced. Any ideas?
What is the background process? How do I get it started, if it has failed? How can I remove the transport set that is in this 'Import' status. Any help appreciated.

The Best Answer

Hi J,
For me if this is happening is cause problably something hang on your side while doing the Portal Export / Import. Not sure how it happened but I've seen this happening for other persons. The easiest way is to clean up the Portal Transport Set tables. Upload the DMP to the Portal again and attempt to merge it again.
There is an out dated Note in the Metalink for this, but I'd basically submit a Service Request as Oracle Support may better help you on this matter and eventually update the old Note -- Note:177597.1 - How to clean up the Oracle Portal Transport Tables.
I hope it helps...