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   I have a requirement wherein we have to read the IDOC flat file and post it as IDOC to SAP using XI. I understand we have to use the Flat File Sender adapter and the IDOC Receiver Adapter. On the Sender Side we have to define the Content Conversion to convert the IDOC Flat File to IDOC XML. Writing File Content Conversion for the IDOC Flat File would be very tedious because of the number of fields and fixed structure of the flat file.
  I have don through the following guide Section 3.2 where it talks abt converting IDOC to IDOC XML using reportRSEINB00.
I am not clear how to invoke this report in the Flat File Sender adapter. Also is there any other approach.
Rajeev Gupta

The Best Answer

Hi Rajeev
You have a flatfile at the sender side so you dnt  have any feasiable option to do other than FCC....FCC is not a tediuos one...if you can provide the strucutrre we will help you out...
Check out you have a fixedlength file or piple separated one....
In the functional design how many fields re present and buil the DT,MT MI accoprdingly.....
you have to just use some conecnt conversion parameters that's it...
here item is your recordset name
let us know your strucutre
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