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Idea for a document tracking application

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I'm a graphic designer looking for a better way to track time. There is currently a website, that comes close to doing what I want. It logs the time spent on the active window. What it doesn't do is log the document name, particularly Adobe's programs. So it will tell me that I spent 10 minutes on a Photoshop file, just not which Photoshop file.
Is it possible to create a program that will log the file name and time spent on that window only when it is the active window? Also, could it log and sort by the file path, so that ultimately I could just ask it to find the total time spent on all files in the folder X?
And is this something that a (relatively intelligent) graphic designer could develop for my own use?

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The practical problem would be that such a widget/application would need a very large database, regularly updated, of nearly all applications for the Mac, and which versions worked with which OS.
It seems a lot easier (to me) to check at
to see if your existing app version can carry over to leopard.

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