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I upgraded and restarted and lost a day worth of Wiki postings

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
We LOVE the new Lion WIKI so we've started upgrading our KB.  I just updated Lion and restarted ther server and everything entered today (luckily not much since it's a weekend) is gone!  Does anyone have experience with the OSX Wiki?  Does it need to be shut down before restart or something?  is this a "known issue"?

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The exact same thing happened to me.  I had the Wiki enabled for awhile but finally got around to setting up several wikis and uploading a bunch of media etc. yesterday.  Worked perfectly and I even sent out the obligatory "hey check it out" emails.  Then, just to sort of make everything everything, I updated & rebooted.
Gone.  Only one of the wikis remained (the simplest one, of course).  And just for fun I got back a few replies of "I don't see anything" as people landed on the now-not-found pages. 
I recovered two of the other wikis by time machine-ing back a day, but the one with all the media is just plain gone. (Or I don't see it anyway.) To top it off, all my shared drives disappeared from the finder window.  No settings have changed with Sharing permissions or anything, but that's possibly a different issue that also coincidentally occurred immediately after the update & reboot.