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I returned my iphone and they gave me a new one...

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I returned my iphone and they gave me a new one and they activated it at the iphone store. when i got home and tried to sync my contacts, they were gone. there are a few contacts that it imported but only about 25% of my original list. I think the contacts that it is syncing is from the mac address book. I have had problems with this phone and recently re-installed the sim card and had to restore my contacts and it worked fine. but this time when i plug the iphone in to itunes, it doesnt recognized the phone with "my name" on it. it just says iphone under the devices tab. where are my contacts? are they stored somewhere else on the mac where i can retrieve them?
Please help!
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With the iPhone, contacts are not stored on the SIM card, but stored on the device itself. Typically, you want to backup your iPhone contacts with a program on your computer (like Address Book or Outlook) so you have those contacts in case you need to restore your iPhone or get it replaced. When you sync your iPhone with your computer, iTunes will make a backup of your information, but future syncs replaces your backup.
You can look and see if your old backup remains by going into the iTunes preferences and clicking on the syncing tab. It will give you the name of the iPhone backed up and the last date it backed up the information. If you synced your iPhone before you took it in to be replaced, your contact information may still be included in that backup. You can restore your phone in iTunes and choose the backup you want to re-sync to the iPhone.
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