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I have serious problem,please help me.....

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Hi all;
i have a big problem.... i can't connect to my database orcl2. whenever i write
c:>sqlplus "/as sysdba"
it does not do anything. The following row is
if i write c:>sqlplus /nolog
it goes to another cmd screen
but i get errror while sql>conn [email protected] as sysdba
tns could not resolve service name... i'm in trouble.. whenever i attempt to do;
i looked in TNSNAMES.ora file, and host name with sid names are true.It is no doubt that there is no problem there.... please i have to connect to my database as soon as possible.Thanks for your help now on..Best regards......

The Best Answer

You can use tnsping to "ping" the listener, or something else that occupies the port (with various results), but it will not tell you if a service/sid is available or not on that listener.
C:\>tnsping (description=(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=localhost)(port=1521))
(connect_data=(sid=nothing_here))) 3
TNS Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 13-NOV-2006 21:56:31
Copyright (c) 1997, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Attempting to contact (description=(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=localhost)(port=1521))
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