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I have been blocked from my own ITunes songs because my apple ID associated with too many devices

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I cannot access songs from my own iTunes Apple ID because it says my iPhone has been associated with too many devices.  I have to wait 90 days to access my own songs on my iPhone.  Here is what happend:
1-Our family moved.  So, with the address change, the credit cards on all of the apple ID's would no longer work because the other users had our old address. (I have 4 users in the family).
2-My family started calling me while I was out of town complaining that purchases were rejected.  This was because our address had changed and it no longer matched. 
3-I tried to walk them thru the process of changing the home address on the credit card, but they couldn't do it.  They assured me that they were doing it correctly and were still rejected.
4-So, being the techie of the family, I simply logged into each of their iTunes accounts from my iPhone while I was out of town and made the address change.  While I was in their  accounts, I noticed they didn't have automatic downloads and iTunes match and stuff.  So, I changed it so it would work for them when they logged back in.
5-I go back to log into my own account on my iphone and I cannot access my own songs on the iTunes cloud for 90 days!!!!  This is quite disappointing.
How can I get this corrected?   I tried to reset user settings (not a erase and reset).  I figure it's not my phone, but my iTunes account thinks I'm doing something sharing-wise.
So, in summary, when I am on my iPhone and I go to my iTunes library and click on a song (that I have paid for) with the cloud and down arrow beside it, it's rejected.  It says that I have too many apple id's associated with this device and I must wait 90 days.  It counts down each day.
I just want access to the music I paid FOR!!

The Best Answer

Thank you-I will contact support.
No, I cannot wait 90 days.
Let me restate what I have to endure, even though I own the music and have paid for iTunes Match:
I cannot access my purchases-zero-at all
I have to listen to never ending McDonald's latte commercials and progressive insurance. I have now banned both of those annoying businesses and will not make purchases there.
In summary, I have given apple my minded, and have zero to show for it.
Ps-you get to hear the McDonald's "love hate commercial" every 2 songs on iTunes Radio.  I have substituted the words where I hate McDonald's and love when the commercial is over.