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I cannot make phone calls using Skype

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I have a subscription to call numbers in Argentina. I've been using that plan for a long time. I need to call a number that I called many times in the past but my Skype account is not working. Please help me. I need to call this number today. I checked my account and my subscription is active. It says that I have 400 minutes left.  Thank you

The Best Answer

If you purchase the same subscription again it will only extend it, it doesn't add more minutes to your account.
If you have Ghana 120minutes then no matter how many times you purchase it within 30 days you still have only 120minutes during this 30 days.
Your minutes will be reset:
Ghana 120 min Sept 5, 2011
Ghana 60 min Sept 22, 2011
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