Current Position:Home > I am using reader Win7 64 bit.  I am unable to print from Reader.  After selecting print all pages, the pri

I am using reader Win7 64 bit.  I am unable to print from Reader.  After selecting print all pages, the pri

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I am using reader in Win7 Professional 64 bit.  I am unable to print from Reader.  After selecting print all pages, the progress bar goes through the proper page count. After that a pop up window appears with the message: The document could not be printed.  After pressing the OK button that pop up closes and the next pop up window appears with the message: There were no pages selected to print.  After pressing the OK button, the pop up closes and the pdf document is still visible in Reader.
I can print from other programs to that printer.  I can print from Reader to other printers.
I was able to print to all printers before.  I uninstalled Reader and reinstalled it from the Adobe web site.
Any suggestions to make it print?

The Best Answer

Answered multiple times every day: open Adobe Reader | Edit | Preferences
under Documents, change 'View documents in PDF/A mode' to Never
under Security (Enhanced), disable Protected Mode at startup
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