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I am having problems installing the 13.0.2 Photoshop update

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Jeff A Wright wrote:
I have stated this thread for users who are facing difficulty locating the Photoshop 13.1 and Illustrator 16.2 update.  Please begin by going to Help>Deactivate and then close and reopen Photoshop.  When you reopen please choose the License this Software option and enter the Adobe ID tied to your subscription.  If you are asked for a serial number please contact our support team to verify your subscription status.
If you continue to face difficulties please respond to this thread with the operating system you are using and which updates you are unable to locate.
Having difficulties getting any updates for my CS6 Design/Web Premium apps.  I followed a link from another thread to this forum in hopes of help.  I just deactivated and reactivated Photoshop.  Still it shows no updates, and I know there is a 13.0.2 available.  My other computer, Mac Pro, with the same installed, updated just fine last night.  Even had the Adobe logo in the menu bar with indication of an update.  It updated Photoshop to the 13.0.2. 
The problem computer is a MacBook Pro 8,2, running OS X 10.8.2, 8 GB RAM.  A little utility I use to keep my software up to date, MacUpdate's desktop, shows more of CS6 apps with updates. This is only getting worse as updates are not able to be installed.  Not having any issues, yet, using the apps but the updates are there for a reason.
I just tried the suggestion (Deactivate, close, reopen) re-entered the license/serial #, still no updates.  If I launch the Application Manager from the Utilities/Application Manager/Core/Application Manager all my CS6 apps show "Try" - as if I don't have a registered version.
I'm up for suggestions.
PS: I can't even uninstall and reinstall at this point (as noted above someone was advised by support).

The Best Answer

Jeff A Wright wrote:
Gleber909 Golf25radioman is choosing Help>Deactivate this is what removed his serial number and activation information.
Golf25radioman I am sorry but I am having a really hard time following your posting and issue as you are in multiple threads.  If you do not subscribe to the Creative Cloud then the Photoshop 13.1 update is not applicable to you.  The update you are looking for is the 13.0.2 update.  I might recommend you contact our support team to work with them directly.
I will discontinue to post in multiple threads when I can find out what's wrong with my CS6 Design/Web Premium (expensive by the way).  If I can't find an answer in one place I'll go to another.  Or guide me to where I should be posting.  Thankfully I can still use my CS6 apps (as I read in one post a user couldn't after trying to fix his problem).  But, they do release app updates for a reason, yes?  Well if I can't install them I do have a problem that probably will only get worse.  I have a pretty good ability to resolve issues, and come here when nothing I've tried works. 
My apologies if posting in more than one thread is causing problems.  I don't see how my posts are hard to follow, I thought I was quite explanatory.  I do believe I actually have more than one problem/issue going on now.  Still looking for resolution...