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Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
here is short description of my problem:
1. HU is beeing created with HU02 transaction (I can seen relevant entries in table VEKP with SE16)
2. My task is to pack an inbound delivery materials into previously created HU. It is supposed to work similar to LM71 transaction (entering delivery no) or LM24 (entering plant, sor. loc etc). I have tried PROCESS_HU_INBOUND_DLVRY, but I am not sure if that was a good choice (had to feed it with many parameters I did not know). Then I have found HU_PACKING_AND_UNPACKING and it seems to be the perfect FM to do the job ... but it does not work. Every time I try to run it (even in test mode of SE37) I get the same error message: "HU into which you want to pack could not be found". I have tried to enter VENUM, EXIDV and both with or without leading zeros. Any ideas what's wrong? I know that the problem is in fact caused by FM V51P_FIND_HEADER which does not work ... it tries to read some data from internal table gt_xvekp ... but this table is empty
Please let me know if HU_PACKING_AND_UNPACKING is the right FM to do the job and what I have to do to make it work.

The Best Answer

thank you again for tips. I did another step but am still far from calling it a day. 'HU_GET_HUS' works fine, no HUGENERAL089 error, but now 'HU_PACKING_AND_UNPACKING' throws' Packing not possible since there is no quantity to be packed' as you can see below I am filling QUANTITY with value ... any ideas?
Here is my code (excerpt) maybe it will help you to find some errors:
*   IF_OBJECT                =
*   IF_NO_DB_SELECT          = ' '
    IF_LOCK_HUS              = 'X'
*   IF_WITH_TEXT             = ' '
*   IF_NO_LOOP               = 'X'
*   IF_MORE_HUS              =
*   IS_OBJECTS               =
*   IT_OBJECTS               =
*   IT_HUS                   =
    IT_VENUM                 = LT_VENOM
*   IT_HANDLE                =
*   IF_MARA_PACKMITTEL       = ' '
    ET_HEADER                = lwa_header
*   ET_ITEMS                 =
*   ET_ITEM_SERIALNO         =
*   ET_HISTORY               =
*   ET_HIGHEST_LEVELS        =
*   ET_MESSAGES              =
   HUS_LOCKED               = 1
   NO_HU_FOUND              = 2
   FATAL_ERROR              = 3
   OTHERS                   = 4
lwa_packing_request-VENUM = '184'.
lwa_packing_request-VELIN = '1'.
lwa_packing_request-QUANTITY = '10'.
*lwa_packing_request-BELNR = '180000101'.
*lwa_packing_request-POSNR = '10'.
lwa_packing_request-VEANZ = '1'.
lwa_packing_request-MATNR = '1000000-000001'.
lwa_packing_request-WERKS = 'X001'.
lwa_packing_request-LGORT = '1010'.
lwa_packing_request-LGNUM = 'X01'.
lwa_packing_request-LGTYP = 'A01'.
lwa_packing_request-LGPLA = '4500000056'.
*    IF_REPACK                = 'X'
    is_packing_request       = lwa_packing_request
    EF_RCODE                 = lv_rcode
    ES_P_REQUEST             = lwa_e_packing_item_hu
    ES_ITEM                  = lwa_es_item
    CS_HEADER                = lwa_header
    MISSING_DATA             = 1
    HU_NOT_CHANGEABLE        = 2
    NOT_POSSIBLE             = 3
    CUSTOMIZING              = 4
    WEIGHT                   = 5
    VOLUME                   = 6
    SERIAL_NR                = 7
    FATAL_ERROR              = 8
    OTHERS                   = 9
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