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HTTP Server - what to select

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While installing APEX I see below instruction -
2.3 HTTP Server Requirements
In order to run, Oracle Application Express you must have access to one of the following:
Oracle Application Express Listener
Embedded PL/SQL gateway
Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql
Not clear on what these option are and what to choose. I don't know about java. I have installed Oracle in my system with default database. Can someone tell me what to choose here? Many thanks.

The Best Answer

Which version and edition of DB? Version of Apex?
If you are using XE then EPG is already installed and good for you. And will recommend not to bother about other choices till get more familiar with Apex.
The choice has more to do with what you already have installed, the available infrastructure ,licensing costs,etc.
At a broad level
a. Simplest out of the box : EPG. Good for learning and dev, not the best choice for Prod
b. ApexListener. Standalone or with J2EE container. Standalone to learn , with J2EE for something more serious.
c. OHS: If you already have OHS installed or some reasons to use it. It runs fine and has been around longer. Its just that Apexlistener is the one developing faster.