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HTTP Server High Availability

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
Hello All.
I have a question regarding OC4J and HTTP server High Availability.
I want to do something like the Figure 3-1 of the Oracle Application Server High Availability Guide 10.1.2. See this link
What I have now is the following:
Three hosts
Two of them are an OAS 10.1.2 which we already configured the Cluster and deployed our applications (used this tutorial:
Let's say this nodes are:
- host1
- host2
The other one is the Oracle WebCache stand alone (will act as Load Balancer). We will call this
- hostwc3
We already configured the WebCache as Load Balancer and is working just fine. We also configured the session replication successful and work great with our applications.
What we have not clear is the following:
When a client try to visit http://hostwc3/application/ the LOAD BALANCER routes him to, let's say http://host1/application/ and in the browser's URL will not show the Virtual Server anymore (the webcache server) and will show the actual real Apache address (host1 )that is attending him. IF we "kill" on ENTIRE host1 (apache, oc4j, etc..) the clients WILL perceive the down and if they try to press F5, the will try to access to an Apache that doesn't is up and running.... The behavior expected is that the browser NEVER shows the actual Apache URL, so, when some apache goes down, the client do not disconnect (as it happens with and OC4J downfall ) and always works with the "virtual web server".
I came up with some ideas but I want you Guys to give me an advice:
- In Web Cache, do not route for load balancing to Apache, and route the Oc4J directly (Is this possible?)
- Configure a HTTP Server Cluster, this means that we have to have a "Virtual Name"to the Apaches (two of them). Is this possible? how?
- Use the rewrite mode of the Apache. Is this a good idea?
- Any other idea how to fix the Apache "Single Point Of Failure" ?
According with the figure 3-1 ( Link above ) we do can have HTTP Server in a cluster. But I have no idea how to manage it or configure it.
Thanks in advance any help!

The Best Answer

You cannot point Outlook Anywhere to your DAG cluster IP address. It must be pointed to the actual IP address of either server.
For no extra cost DNS round robin is the best you will get, but it does have some drawbacks as it may give the IP address of a server you have taken down for maintenance or the server has an issue.
You could look to implement a load balancer but again if you are doing this for high availability then you want more than one load balancer in the cluster - otherwise you've just moved your single point of failure.
Having your existing NAT and just remembering to update it to point to the other server during maintenance may suit your needs for now.
If you can go into more detail about what the high availability your business is looking to achieve and the budget we can suggest the best method to meet those needs for the price point.
Have a great day
Oliver Moazzezi | Exchange MVP, MCSA:M, MCITP:Exchange 2010,Exchange 2013, BA (Hons) Anim | | |
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