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Html:link submit and passing parameters

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I need to submit the form when the <html:link ..... > is clicked/pressed and also need to pass parameters.
<jsp:useBean id="mapParams" class="java.util.HashMap"/>
<c:set target="${mapParams}" property="theKey" value="${theValue}"/>
<c:set target="${mapParams}" property="theKey1" value="${theValue1}"/>
<html:link href="javascript:document.myform.submit()" name="mapParams" >
<c:out value="${custItr.empName}"/>
When i click on the link getting javascript error which says "syntax error". when I remove the "name" attribute in <html:link> there is no error but I need to have the name attribute to pass the parameters.
How to do both the submit and passing of parameters using <html:link>? Your help is appreciated.

The Best Answer

Parameters can only be passed like that to an actual URL. eg http://localhost:8080/myApp/showEmployee?id=123&dept=Sales
In this case, you are using the link tag to invoke javascript - not a url. URL Parameters don't apply to this string
If you are indeed submitting a form, I would suggest that you instead go with putting hidden fields on the form to submit the value.
Use <html:hidden>
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