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Hpe h8-1151sc (Graphiccard support)

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Hello i have a hpe h8-1151sc (only sold in scandinavia) - I has the IPISB-CH2 (Chicago) motherboard installed (with I7 2600). Right now i have a GTX 680 installed running wiht a Corsair HX 620 PSU. I am thinking of upgrading to a Radeon R9 290X.
My concerns are the motherboard wont support the card because it is from a newer generation of cards. From google i have learned that the motherboard forexample wont run the 700series from nvidia.
So will the IPISB-CH2 (Chicago) work with the R9 290X or not?
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There are some versions of the AMD R9 290x that might work.  Go to the Sapphire web site and search through the R9 290 models and look for one that has dual mode (UEFI and legacy) or a model that is not designated UEFI.  This particular model, SKU 21226-00 is not designated UEFI enabled. This is a 300 watt graphics card (per internal info) and the card  is 10.9" in length.  You will need both an 8 pin PCI-E power connector and a 6 pin PCI-E power connector. Sapphire indicates a 750 watt PSU.  Many of the HP consumer level PC will not power up with PSUs over 650 watts.  The motherboard in your PC might not be robost enough for the AMD R9 290x.
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