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HP Photosmart 7520 printhead error

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So I bought a HP Photosmart 7520 about 3 or so months ago and about 2 weeks ago I got an error saying that there is a print cartridge error. I could get out of it and print fine but it progressively got worse until whenever I turn the printer on it says that there is a printhead error and it wont budge from there. It will connects to the wifi network because the blue light turns solid and makes the noise, but I cant seem to get rid to the error message. HELP! I contacted HP and they said that there was no printer problem and rather that it was  a problem with my computer and I had to get it fixed. Now getting it fixed will cost me more than it will take me to buy a new printer. I mean I've bought an older photosmart and that didn't break due to software glitching butbecause it fell of my desk. TO fix it I was considering reinstalling windows and going through the trouble of installing everything again or should I change my SSID for my wireless network. Will that do me any good? I really need help and I dont want to have to buy a new printer, I'vehad decent luck with HP products but after 2 months, its pretty sad. I really might switch over to cannon, but I did like the nifty things this printer could do.

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Depending on how much money you intend to spend, here is a link on how to replace the printhead -- Check the HP Part Store for Pricing -- I mean if I had changed all the ink cartridges and running the printhead cleaning utility in the printer's menu under Tools didn't help, I would have already convinced myself I was going to buy another printer if I messed this up by trying to fix it versus buying a new printhead, but that's just me. --Here's a page with some suggestions on how to fix it manually-- Just make sure you have the right kind of printhead to try it with. I had a heck of a time fixing my printhead but it worked.  First I tried the method suggested in which you soak it in warm water and leave it sitting over night but 2 days later it was still wet and dripping ink everywhere. So I did exactly what they said not to do and used rubbing alcohol on the tips of cotton swabs (Q-tips) to dry out the printheads then I put the ink in it and ink went everywhere so I got mad and set the printhead outside to dry and it finally did and it worked.  But this took me hours and I was frustrated and already said either I fix it or buy a new one becuase the price of a printhead for my printer was the same as a cheap one at the store. Sorry for the delayed response.  Have a great day!
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